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The Map and The Territory

„any grid we use to organize our experience of the world is a model of the world and should not be confused with the world itself.“
- robert anton wilson


the lasterfahrian october revolution

ergebniss des studiums über sowjetische bildmanipulationen in der aera stalin etc.

ich verstehe die leute nicht mehr.

mir wurde gesagt ich soll die dvd halt dann vorspulen, dabei ist eine dvd doch kein band und wo kein band auch keine spule zum draufwickeln und wie soll ich sowas das vorspulen?

genauso wurde mir gesagt leg doch mit laptop mp3 auf. wo drauf soll ich den den laptop drauflegen? oder soll ich diese mp3 auf das laptop drauflegen? wie soll ich die überhaupt wo auflegen oder drauflegen wenn ich die nicht mal zu fassen kriege. in die hand nehmen kann ich nur den laptop aber nicht die mp3 und was hab ich wenn ich den laptop irgendwo drauflege, der liegt doch ständig irgendwo drauf.

ich versteh die leute einfach nicht.

Virtual Futures: The Future of Music

Christoph Fringeli, Tony Marcus, Luke Robert Mason, Dan O‘Hara from

CTM.13 – Virtual Futures: The Future of Music by Virtual Futures

The cybercultural narratives of the mid-90s provided a social, artistic, and philosophical framework to understand and challenge the rapid advances in the development of information communication technologies. Driven by a need to critique the framework underlying society’s newfound anticipation for the future, the Virtual Futures Conference held at the University of Warwick 1994–1996 brought together groups of renegade philosophers to lock horns with the future based on the provocations of evidence provided by the emergence of the Internet. At the time, the conference was affected by a turbulent dynamic between technological acceptance versus a largely paranoid technophobia. Fast-forward to 2013, and this has flat-lined to find the 21st century human docile to the widespread ubiquity of information processing technologies.

Meanwhile, human agency has been subsumed by an increasing automation by non-human agents, as control over identity, society, and economics is relinquished to biases of robotic processes. Techno-evangelism attempts to brand, market, and, most importantly, sell the wonderment afforded by a wilful obedience to the future. They resound with the same transcendentalist fantasies of cyberpunk fiction – indeed speculation and futuristic thinking has become an art, and like any popularist art form, it has become an industry.

Revisiting 1995’s Future Music panel, Virtual Futures will explore the implications of a new ecology – where music is no longer made but grown, thus demonstrating a quality of artificial life. In 2013 music doesn’t go viral, it is viral. And all the while we are left to question who, or what, is listening?

actually it is a pain taking and delicate operation

„eventually there is a playback that everyone is recognizes as the image they where seeking. both artisticly and accusticly too. [..] actually it is a pain taking and delicate operation.“

amiga octaMED amen chop art

found this video on you tube showing up aphrodites boyaa tune as a octamed file. the uploader added this info:

„In low quality. Here’s how to do choppage properly. The Bass and other parts were on a second Amiga and synced with the drum parts using a click track (strangely missing from this file). I think this was a version for compilation albums as it’s labeled KTel Beats on the filename and it differs ever so slightly from the 12″ version. Sorry, the track goes out of time with the vid.“

here is the remixed version from aphrodite how it is known from the vinyls. adding the other four channels with the vocals, fx and bass: