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weil scheisse fressen und sehen nicht weiter hilft.

Wenn das mitzudenkende des Baumes oder der schönen Blumen im Sonnenlicht, welches das erschauern ist, zu einem fetisch erstart, so bedeutet dies das die negation unmöglich wird, das die katastrophe dadurch zu einem angebeteten götzen sich formt.

coming soon: karl marx land

next on karl marx land : karl marx stadt – music you did not want to miss.


using randomized glitchyness might be artistic practice to come out with suprising pieces in a dialog with the used material but teh technical side isnt actually something like „breakcore“ (whatever that might be).

actually it is a pain taking and delicate operation

„eventually there is a playback that everyone is recognizes as the image they where seeking. both artisticly and accusticly too. [..] actually it is a pain taking and delicate operation.“

eternal friendship of humans & robots under the rainbow

amiga octaMED amen chop art

found this video on you tube showing up aphrodites boyaa tune as a octamed file. the uploader added this info:

„In low quality. Here’s how to do choppage properly. The Bass and other parts were on a second Amiga and synced with the drum parts using a click track (strangely missing from this file). I think this was a version for compilation albums as it’s labeled KTel Beats on the filename and it differs ever so slightly from the 12″ version. Sorry, the track goes out of time with the vid.“

here is the remixed version from aphrodite how it is known from the vinyls. adding the other four channels with the vocals, fx and bass:


Some quick Hack Art ( i actually call this kind of things Net Sculpture ).
I am not responsable when your CPU is overheating with this one. Please Plugin your Stereo and Pull it on to the maximum.