Sound Get Mashup: Enregistrements Du Cavage 23.6.2017

Special Broadcast about the Label Cavage & Gorki Plubakter aka Saoulaterre aka UHT.

Cavage: The first experimental French brokenbeat label with a large variety of artists on each release.
Cavage also released a 360 pages book about the label’s basement, the underground abandoned quarries, so called catacombs, of the city of Paris.
Intro: Homage to Saoulaterre by Metatron, Memento Mori on Hijos de Puta Records ‎– HP0512
Part 1: Tracks by Gorki Plubakter aka Saoulaterre, some in cooperation with others
Part 2: Tracks by other Artists released on Cavage and Sublabels
Part 3: Tracks by Gorki Plubakter aka Saoulaterre on the Party side.

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