Kilinker Betonu Kültür

am Freitag 11.7.2014 im Hafenklang, Oriental & Okzidental Breakbeat Madness

2/5 BZ ‚‘ Gezilla vs. Golden Nattoman ‚‘
Berbad : live sound & video manipulation
ZS : live electronic sound processing
( all istanbul )

Since 1986 Istanbul-based Serhat Köksal works as a multimedia artist with various projects in video, music and literary formats. Combining traditional Turkish music, noise, ambient, big beat and numerous other stylistical references, 2/5 BZ creates a distinct modern experimental sound bridging occident and orient. Characteristic for the work and output of 2/5 BZ is the balancing on the verge of trash and the continuous work with collages of music, cinema, speech and field recordings. So far, 2/5 BZ has performed at well-known festivals such as Club Transmediale in Berlin, collaborated with numerous musicians such as the English jazz-saxophonist Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow) and been presented, among others, by John Peel in his famous John Peel sessions on BBC. 2/5 BZ’s motto:

No Touristik , No Exotic

Platten- & LIVE-Support:

- Istari Lasterfahrer (HH / Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
-DJ DC Schuhe (Püdel / Travel By Goods / Bängkök)


Hafenklang, Goldener Salon, Hamburg

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