Heute (7.2.2014) in Berlin:

Even in the winter time our harvest hands are cropping excellent fruits and the eggplant-kitchens are very busy cooking new delicious meals.

Therefore we prepared a night full of analogue live dishes, acidulous beats and basses, a huge pinch of Skweee and some audible meals reaching beyond the recipes of any cookbook!

‖ Line-Up ‖


Istari lasterfahrer (Sozialistischer Plattenbau | Hamburg)

Mesak (Harmönia, Lanton | Finland)

Leise im Kran (Moniker Eggplant | Leipzig)


Freak Ass E (X.A.CUTE)

Airdmun (Meier & Erdmann)

‖ Eggplant – Buffet, Record Stall ‖

at Trickster
Oberbaumstraße 11

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