sex as a commodity

noch ein victims family song. von seiner kurzheit und punktgenauigkeit eigentlich der perfekte hardcore song. der youtube mensch der das reingestellt hat hat aber den falschen titel angegeben. er heisst eigentlich homophobia.

„i just heard this song, caught the last few words,
it’s all ’bout hating fags, man it was fucking rad!“
what did it mean?
why did you agree?
you‘re just a closet queen
and you‘re not impressing me
„no i‘m fucking serious, it was really cool!
i think i can remember and now i‘m gonna sing it
for you“
no, i don‘t wanna hear it
your head is up your ass
you must be insecure, why don‘t you tell me
about your past?
homophobia is a fear that arises out of insecurity
of one’s own sexuality
exacerbated by a society
that looks upon sex as a commodity
and sets standards of masculinity and femininity

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