Steptip für den 15.9.2011

Break-, Industrial- & Doomstep im Gaengeviertel Hamburg!


is a collaboration between DJ SCOTCH EGG (born Shigeru Ishihara), a Japanese producer of chiptune/gabba music, whose 2007 album Scotch Hausen got much critical acclaim and
GORGONN from Dokkebi Q, a London based electro-dub/punk duo
On this mini-tour they are supported by the singer of Bo Ningen/JP, a japanese band, adding en explosive and dramatic voice to the already heavy hitting dub they produce.


Brighton based John Cohen released his first album of industrialish dubstep mayhem on the underground label 3by3 under the name of Dead Fader, his RMX of King Cannibals „Murder us“ and Hecqs „Avenger“ just out on Ad Noiseam
and Hymen this year. He also played at Fusion and several other gigs around Europe.


Is a collaboration between Martin Maischein, whose releases as „Heinrich at Hart“ on Position Chrome, „Sandbenders“ on Force Inc.
and a lot of other labels are still ringing in a lot of ears, and Robert
Schirmer, a noise rock guitarist, whose bands BUDYET, Gentle Veincut and Stresseuche have gained much respect over the years.
Their sound moves in between contemporary dancemusic like IDM and Dub, but always evolves into something else, from Drone to Doom, from Industrial to Noise and Funk.

Ritalin War Dance/Rehearsal-Jam One by Kerstin Bruse

will play some records!

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