sozialistischer plattenbau in 2011 proudly presents:

[b]SPB12019 – KARL MARX STADT III 1999 – 2009[/b]
19 tunes on double 12inch vinyl + download code

the common perception of dance music seems to be leading people to the conclusion that certain forms of open interpretation are unwanted; even forbidden on the dance floor, which in fact, they are not. Actually they are to be encouraged. This album seeks to encourage, to give it a fresh start, open your mind and hear new things in new ways. Twisting hundreds of sampled into the mix, A certain unheard sonic palette emerges setting the tone for a unique record, using every technique in his vast Arsenal of Sonic weapons, showing the youngsters some new tricks and the dj’s some twists and turns. If you like to sit down at home listening to music and talking about how beautiful music can be, this is your soundtrack. A selection of boundary-breaking electronic music has been compiled from the vault to expose the yet unheard side of Karl Marx Stadt. We hope you find it just as enjoyable and amazing as we do.

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preorder at spb mailorder

or get it later on 9.9.2011 at toolbox records, suburban trash, dswat, praxis or flight13

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