androids of mu

eine der besten frühen uk punk bands! ein paar zitate aus dem interview mit dem no class fanzine:

»NC: Is Subtitles, on Blood Robots, in French?
B: Yes, that is actually stereo. One side is French, other side is English. It’s not very well mixed so you hear the French side more than the English.
C: Suzy wanted the French side louder because it’s such a personal song. The actual lyrics are very personal to her I think cos it’s reflecting a time in her life when she was feeling really, really depressed, and I think she was slightly self conscious about it being in English.
NC: She’s French, I take it.
C: She’s English.
NC: But why did she choose French?
C: Cos she speaks very good French.
B: No, that wasn’t a very good reason.
C: What’s the difference? She’s not here, she can’t say.
B: She thought it was interesting because the whole album was English so she thought might as well do one in French, and if people don’t understand it they can listen from the other side, cos it’s stereo, one side is French, other side is English.
C: But I wanted the English version up in the mix cos it’s so much better. She talks in this really deep voice.

NC: What class background is the band from?
C: You can’t really tell because we’re not English, so we come from a totally different thing. Everyone of us is a different nationality. The class structure from societies is totally different.
B: No, no, I think we are working class, because it doesn’t matter what we come from.
C: I don’t know, Bess. I come from communist country. It’s a classless society. We can’t say what class. I was born into communism.
B: That’s really a difficult question to answer. We don’t want to put people into classes.

NC: Can you tell us about your deal with Crass?
B: Two years ago, when they wanted to do a single with us, they didn’t want our drummer to play on it cos she was playing out of time. They wanted their own drummer, and we all thought it would sound like Crass again, so we refused it straight away.
C: Actually, they left the offer open, so we can do a single with Crass whenever we want to.
NC: Do you still have an involvement with them?
C: Well, the thing is we don’t wanna be produced by Crass, because of the sound.
NC: Won’t they let you produce yourselves?
C: If they did then we’d do it, but even then I don’t think there’s any point in us being on the Crass label because we got our own label.
NC: Being on the Crass label would mean you sell loads of copies, to their fans.
C: Yeah, and it’s not quite right, is it?
NC: You mean that people buy the stuff just for the name?
C: Yeah.
B: We all support Crass, what they are doing, it’s just that we’re not the right sort of band to do a single with Crass. As well as that, we’ve got our own label , so why not do it on our own label, rather than do it with Crass?«

mehr hier:
das ganze interview hier imgoogle cache.

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