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Pressure – Mario adventure (raggacore | 8bit)

ein spezieller mix kommt von pressure aus der ukraine.

er schreibt:
„In the distant 1985, company Nintendo let out game by the name Super Mario bros. This game became the most sold game in the world (but as on me, tetris kick them out… hehe).
Since to me toy burnt the brain while while ago, then I decided not left in the debt and to singe the brains by all whom road the memory of this project and in whom it is beaten heart in the breakcore rhythm.“

for the load of the full-scale pictures:
List of the used material
Graphic construction for mix in side by side composition

pressure – mario adventure.mp3
were begun to operate – 68 dubs also of tracks, 3 acapellas and the heap of samples, which 4 so I could not compute))
duration – 21 minutes of 35 seconds @ 320 kbps (50mb)

For which was created the graph and how you may using it:
Well for which it is created, here, in principle, everything is understandable – I think, by many it occurs of thought with hearing of any mixes – „here this icredible it twisted, fuck‘!“. So here, in order to understand that the author there wound – was created this graph, by which possible is using it, after unsealing or directly, in pc, using any review interface… Graph consists of the heap of the compositions, painting by color, the color of track designates its belonging with what either chapter, chapters, on my understanding, I called as to me „how’s god put on a soul“… also in the list of tracks it is possible to look in what chapters was begun to operate one or other track or another or acapella…

For an example – let us take the beginning of 9-th minute – here in our basis goes A -ha – take on Me with Venetian Snares – Stinking logs on your chest, sometimes alternating Ebola – Dutch gabba + them they actively help several groups of samples…