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istari special mix

a mix done on 15th of march 2007 at the radio fsk station. done with two turntables, two dj cd players, one md player and a laptop connected to a kaoss pad. well actually i can`t really remember what i have used but what i remember is: some marasm 7inches, some licht-ung records, the filistine 7inch, no-xivic drone records single, dhyana 8inch series records with droneament and rumpeln, dhyana cd-r compilations dhyana 50 and drugi-disko, the hlaf empty cd compilation with a track from where its at its where you are?, the straight outta cockburn cd compilation from system corrupt, the fan-dabi-dozi v/vm disc 2 (thanks 7u?), the v/a maska leves cd compilation, the augsburger tafel confect „fusion in the slaugtherhouse“cd, the slackism „eitriges etwas“cd-r, a md with sounds and a md with radomly recorded radio broadcasts and effect processing, a night on earth 7inch, the babylon 1980 dvd, a felix mendelson 10inch, a 7inch with hermit – bastard noize and moz, the deletist 7inch from entartete kunst recordings, „ihr wollt kunst und kultur“ 4 way split 7inch, kania tiefer 7inch, maruosa 7inch from hirntrustgrindmedia, the fredrik schikowski „einblicke ins familienalbum“ cd from irritant and the „ich möchte mich zusammenfalten und nurnoch eine mitte sein“ 7inch from lux nigra, hot air 7inch with stock, hausen and walkmen, the beetle 7inch by eupholus rec, a old bulgarian 7inch, and oh yes the third sozialistischer plattenbau 7inch with istari of course!

ca. 60 minutes of your life

relax and enjoy!